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  • Ofsted Inspection on 11/09/2018

Our Ethos and Values

Our ethos and values can be summarised by our code “R.E.S.P.E.C.T” which stands for:


  • We are all able to choose how we behave so we are each responsible for our own behaviour – We can’t blame others
  • If we choose to behave badly we must face the consequences
  • How we behave and treat people has an effect on them,  we are obliged to take that into consideration when we act



  • Our task in school is to take all the opportunities to learn that are offered to us and we take teaching and learning seriously
  • We can only learn if we are in class at the correct times
  • We are responsible for our own learning and we can ask if we don’t understand
  • We help others with their learning by not disrupting the teaching and learning taking place



  • We all have a right to be safe at all times
  • We don’t use violence and aggression to get our own way or punish people for something we haven’t liked
  • Bullying is not acceptable behaviour so we respect everybody’s personal space, their right not to be physically hurt by anyone and their right not to be teased or tormented with cruel words or insults
  • We will protect the vulnerable at all times and if we see or hear somebody being abused or made unhappy by the action of others we will tell an adult as soon as we can
  • Adults will always act to protect those who need protection



  • We will always stick at our tasks until we achieve the outcome we want
  • We will be prepared to take our time and if necessary get help to complete any project or task we engage in



  • We will all strive to achieve to the best of our ability in school work, in physical activity and in our behaviour and relationships
  • We will set ourselves targets for improvement in all these areas so that we can get better
  • We will celebrate our own achievements and the achievements of others and enjoy our success
  • We will take pride in all aspects of our school



  • We will act with courtesy and kindness to others
  • We will consider the needs and wishes of others as just as important as our own
  • We will respect other people’s feelings even if we feel differently



  • We accept that people can be different and we respect those differences
  • We will not insult or victimise people for being different whether that difference is of face, colour, culture, gender, sexuality, ability or belief
  • We will encourage an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding in the school and treat everybody as having the same rights to be happy and successful and not to be persecuted