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  • Ofsted Inspection on 11/09/2018


Welcome to The Bryant Residence!
The Bryant Residence is Millgate School’s Extended Day and Residential facility, we are here to Support your learning. There are lots of activities on offer every day that you can choose; it’s a relaxed place with staff that are friendly, caring and supportive.  You can stay overnight and join Residence If you wish to.  There are regular boys meetings in the flat where you are able to say what you think of the flat and the things you would like to do. Staff in the flat are people that you already know, as we all work together in school as well as in the flat.   If you are a residential pupil you will have a Primary Worker (like a key worker in school) they will work with you and your family and offer you support with any problems you may have.  Your family are welcome to come and meet us and see how we can support you.


3.00pm:  You come up to the flat where you will have the opportunity to have a snack and drinks.  You can watch TV, Play on the PlayStation, or Xbox, have a game of pool or relax until your activity.
3.30pm:  Activities start, we hope there is something you will enjoy:  Football, Music, Swimming, Pottery, Cooking, Fishing, DT, Golf, and Gym.
5.30pm:  Tea time
6.00pm:  Extended day boys go home
6.30pm:  Residential boys have the time to decide with staff what they wish to do for the rest of the evening.
7.30pm:   Super time and begin bedtime routine
8:30pm-10:00pm: Time for bed, dependent on whether you are Key Stage 3 or 4

7:00am-8:00am – Shower and breakfast
08.30am: Room tidy and then down to school


Please click here to view our Millgate Residential Handbook.