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Brief archive - March/April 2020

Thursday 30th April

Tomorrow  - Friday 1 May is Pyjamarama day.  This should be incredibly easy this year! All lessons and video chat with staff to be completed in PJs as we celebrate bedtime reading and the joy of stories!!

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning young men of Millgate,

Have you managed to see some great posts yet on twitter such as Suraj's Marble Run Challenge?  What some of the boys have been getting up to during lock down?

Watch the video below to find out how to create a Twitter account and what our Millgate Twitter page has to offer.  


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Tuesday 28th April

The Millgate Loo Roll Challenge

Up-cycle used toilet roll, any which way you like.

Please post your efforts on Twitter @millgate_school  OR email

Get your entries in by Friday.   Best photos will receive a delivered PRIZE!

Monday 27th April

Virtual Learners of the week!!

Louisa will arrange a little surprise delivery tomorrow.  She would like you to take a picture when you receive the delivery, then post on Twitter, or email

KS3: Ieaun Jones - Most amount of golds in all subjects and gold all round 

KS3: Student has been emailed excellent effort in all areas and all subjects. 

KS4: Student has been emailed - Gold status soon to be prefect, engaged all week in all subjects.

Friday 24th April

Good morning young men of Millgate.

Learn to juggle by Friday: ​FINAL DAY to get challenge entries in! Take a look at Wednesday's brief below to find out more information of how to take part. Good luck!

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning young men of Millgate,
Ramadan will see Muslims around the world fasting during daylight hours for 30 days.  The UK has around 3 million Muslims who will start TODAY.  The rules mean food and drink, including water, are not allowed during daylight hours for the entire month. Happy Ramadan to our staff and students involved.


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Don’t forget yesterday’s challenge (look at the brief below)

Please post your best efforts on Twitter @millgate_school  OR email

Best videos / photos will receive a delivered PRIZE!

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning young men of Millgate,

Your last day of school was on Monday 23 March.  You have all completed 1 month of closure!  It has proved to be a steep learning curve for both staff and students.    

Please continue to make every effort with your home learning and engage with teaching staff as per scheduled contact times.

"Make the days count, don't count the days"

Outdoor challenge - Learn to juggle by Friday.   Try using 3 items such as beanbags, balls, potatoes, rolled up socks, onions or scrunched up paper balls.


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Please post your best efforts on Twitter @millgate_school OR email    

Best videos / photos will receive a delivered PRIZE!

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning young men of Millgate,

We will have excellent weather this week, please get out for your daily 1 hour of exercise…. Walk, talk, run, cycle.   Great for the body and the mind!

BBC Bitesize have relaunch their website today. The line-up includes:

  1. Renowned physicist, Professor Brian Cox will bring science lessons to life, covering topics including the solar system, force and gravity
  2. Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero will be getting kids across the country counting in Spanish
  3. Former MP, Ed Balls, will be delivering a KS3 maths class
  4. Danny Dyer, EastEnders actor and direct descendant of King Edward III, delivers the facts on another historic king, Henry VIII as he brings history to KS1 pupils, while Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker will also be dropping into Bitesize Daily lessons.
  5. Sir David Attenborough will be helping youngsters to learn about the oceans, mapping the world and why animals look the way they do
  6. Liam PayneMabel and a host of musical stars take part in a week-long Musical Big Read – an extension to a weekly Book Club that will run throughout the 14-week term.

Click on the image to go to the Bitesize web page

Monday 20th April

Good morning young men of Millgate,

I do hope that you have all had a break this holiday and enjoyed some of the sunshine on your daily exercise. We are excited to be back learning with this week. Don’t hesitate in getting in touch with any support you need.

Your pastoral TA (if they haven't already) will provide you with a weekly schedule of planned staff contact times (by phone, zoom, Microsoft teams etc). Please keep checking e-mails / answering the phone so you can maintain ongoing contact with your teachers to support you with home learning tasks and activities. 

Weekly statuses will continue and points allocated accordingly.   This will be based on engagement, work and behaviour at home. 

For those of you without outstanding damage, points spends will be possible - with home delivery.

Friday 3rd April

My note for the day is: thank you. Thank you for staying home and doing your bit to keep the nation safe. Thank you for taking on the challenge of working from home. Thank you to your incredible parents and carers who have sent through such wonderful pictures of your learning and supported you at home. Thank you for staying strong. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for being our amazing boys! We miss you (so much!) and just can’t wait to see what incredible things you will have to offer next term, but more importantly, in the years to come when this is all said and done. Take care and keep safe and have some fun around the house this Easter.​​​​​​

Sara x

Thursday 2nd April

We are putting together 50 things to do at home. If you and your family have any creative ideas about activities to do at home, email your videos to We’d love for your videos to join those made by our staff already on our website. #50thingsathome

Wednesday 1st April

Helena found this resource circulating online and I thought it would be perfect for families looking for an excuse to re-watch some Disney classics. Mrs Hancock’s Disney Curriculum is attached and give you some ideas from across subject areas inspired by the movies.

Tuesday 31st March

The BBC has launch a new page on its website looking at how you control your online world and keep safe. It covers online trolls and 5 ways to concentrate on school work at home. Could be very useful for all of us! Click on the image to go to the website.

Monday 30th March

Due to the closure of theatres, many productions are being aired. Curve are now making available a broadcasting of their hugely successful performance – ‘Memoirs of an Asian Football Casual’. I know that 11SCH having been stopping and reading this one all year. Click on the image to take a look.

Sarah Melling is encouraging you all to take part in a writing competition, with the potential to become a published writer. Do send all entries to her and if you need any support or feedback ahead of completing your draft anyone in the English department will be happy to help. The deadline is the end of April so there is plenty of time to draft and perfect your work. Click on the image for details.

An organisation called E2 are supporting their community and providing food parcels for the vulnerable and those self-isolating in Beaumont Leys. If you know anyone in that area that would benefit from their support head over to their website by clicking on the image below

Friday 27th March

If your family has requested a food parcel, they will be out for delivery today.

Jordan has made this fun quiz for you all to have a go at and a bit of a giggle.

For those of you who miss the beauty of the English classroom, listen to Patrick Stewart reading a Shakespeare Sonnet every day. You boys know how much I’m loving that! #ASonnetADay

Message for Y11 relating to your qualifications:

Wednesday 25th March

For those of you who have, or have had, intervention with Sasha and Michelle, why not remind yourself of just how far you’ve come and revisit grapheme and split diagraphs! We Ruth Miskin is offering daily lessons for free! She may not be as good as Sasha or Michelle, but she’ll do for now!

Ruth Miskin Training (@RuthMiskinEdu)

20/03/2020, 14:37

RWI Phonics lessons at home from Monday 23rd March on Facebook and YouTube:

Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm
Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm
Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am and again at 1.30 pm

Note: films won’t be available at other times

David Walliam’s is reading a story a day for elevenses! Tune in at 11am (or any point in your day) to listen to a story from his book: ‘The World’s Worst Children 2’. Click on the image for more information.

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning all., today’s brief is all about staying home and keeping everyone safe.

Take a look at our brilliant footballers in this stay at home challenge: Would love to see you take us on!


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Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, is continuing a daily PE lesson from his living room this morning at 9am and will run Monday – Friday. Here’s a picture of Noah and I after yesterday’s workout; click on our faces to go to The Body Coach Youtube channel.