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Millgate Primary offer an engaging and bespoke curriculum. Teachers design their curriculum around the individual needs of their pupils. Lessons are structured to be fast-paced and promote challenge. Children are encouraged to reflect on their attitudes to learning after each lesson. Positive attitudes are widely rewarded by all staff within the department to ensure a successful learning environment is achieved.


Children follow the National Curriculum guidelines through a Singapore style of maths teaching. All teachers use 'Maths, No Problem!' to plan their lessons. Models and images are used to promote new ways of identifying mathematics concepts. Strategies are then developed as a class and problems are solved with staff guidance. 'Maths, No Problem!' works to link maths across the curriculum and develop a deeper understanding of maths. Progress is checked through half-termly teacher assessments and appropriate use of tests.


Key Stage 2 English incorporates the theme of each half term into the teaching of National Curriculum English topics. Each half term has a different fiction and non-fiction text which are used to facilitate learning of the half term theme as well as to spark the imaginations of the children to support them within their written work. Spelling and grammar are focused on alongside English teaching to prepare students adequately for their Key Stage 2 SATs as well as to ensure that pupil's understanding of the English language has strong foundations ready for a more advanced focused when entering Key Stage 3. Each half term pupils will sit a spelling, reading and comprehension test to check the development of their learning.

50 things

The National Trust has created a list of 50 activities that all children before the ages of 11 ¾ should experience. These activities promote challenge, fun and an appreciation of nature and its surroundings. Over the course of the year children will spend one day a week ticking these activities of their list. We then use our English lessons to write recounts of our experiences.