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Pupil achievement can be amazing at Millgate School. Outcomes are recognised in many forms and are spearheaded by academic achievement and its knock-on effects.

Effective methods have been introduced to better understand the needs and aspirations of our pupils. This has led to changes in curriculum pathways. Pupil voice feeds into this directly and influences teacher recruitment. Where career paths are identified and aspirations expressed, we create opportunities and curriculum experiences to ensure pupils are well prepared for their next steps.

‘Transforming lives’ is alive and well at Millgate. Pupils are supported to realise what they are capable of and what their skills and talents are.  Academic achievements are the by-product of the culture and curriculum that the school offers.

These boys could not have made me more proud this week. To think back over some of their life and education experiences and then see them today, completing their SATs, makes me shed a very proud tear. All of them tackled every one of those papers with such resilience and support of one another it was wonderful to experience.

Being in the school building today and seeing the year 11s completing their GCSEs makes me think of how these year 6s will be 5 years down the line. Knowing that they were able to complete those tests without fear will help them so much when they hit year 11. These photos will be going in their Progress folders as well as framed and taken home so that in 5 year's time, they can look back on this day and know that they can sit an exam through prior experience. Magic.

Sophie Tales, Teacher of Primary and TLR - Curriculum.