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The middle chapters are key to unlocking talents and passions that will arm our young people with the skills and knowledge they need to transform their lives. In order to avoid the difficult transition between primary and secondary, we have our primary and secondary specialists working together to ensure our students are ready for the demands of GCSEs and vocational qualifications in our final chapter.

Here, our teachers have been brave in using what they know about our children's lives, needs and interests to create a truly cohesive, broad and relevant curriculum.

millgate classrooms, curriculum remodel launch 

22nd February, 2021 - 30th April, 2021: THE MENTOR

This Spring, all students in years 5-7 will explore the characteristics of 'The Mentor' in every classroom. This is will encourage our learners, who often have crippling self esteem, to develop their appreciation of others and themselves. They will explore themes of gender, sexuality, relationship and self expression, all the time building on their ability to listen, consider and care.