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Music lessons at home

Here are some tasks you can do at home to further your skills! Please email voice notes, videos and photos of your work and your reviews of our online resources to and - we look forward to hearing from you!

Music Lab - is it easy to use?

Give us a review and rating on the Chrome Lab music website (click on the image below) – we want to know if you thought it was easy to use, if you could make the tracks you wanted and what could be better about it.

Whilst using the website try to:

1.Make a catchy beat in the rhythm section (press the arrow at the right to change the drum sounds) (The rhythm section is the monkey)

2.Make a melody in the song maker section of the Chrome Music Lab. (The smiley face in the top left)

George the Dj at Noise Academy

Here is a fun and easy task you can do from George the DJ at Noise Academy! Go on to their free online site (click on the image below) It will work on an iPad/iPhone app but if you are using a laptop or tablet you will need to use 'Google Chrome' as your internet browser for it to work.

Use the search bar located on the left hand side to find songs that you like and then use the arrows to load them up on either the left or right turntable.  Press play and bring the volumes up etc. Click on the image below to find out more!

Beatboxing and Rapping

Go on to BBC bitesize KS3 music (click the image of Stormzy belwo to go straight there) watch the video clip and then read the information about beat boxing and rapping.

In this lesson you will learn:

Learn about the different styles of improvisation including singing, rap and beatboxing.

•Find out how Stromzy, Sarah Vaughan and Bobby McFerrin use improvisation in their music.

•Have a go at improvising your own song.

Download Launchpad to practise live mixing of beats, bass and melodic riffs!

Download Garageband for free on an iPad or iPhone – it’s made by the same people as Logic Pro X!

Using your voice in different ways

Click on the image of Plan B below to go on to the BBC bitesize KS3 music and watch the video clip then read the information about using your voice.

In this lesson you will learn:

•Learn about how the voice can be used in different ways and different styles including singing, rap and beatboxing.

•Listen to the vocal styles of Plan B, Vince Staples and the Soweto Gospel Choir.

•Find out how to protect and train your voice.

How lyrics are written

Click on the image of Billie Eilish below to go on to the BBC bitesize KS3 music, watch the video clip then read the information up to ‘Verses and Chorus’’ and have a go at writing your own hook.

In this lesson you will:

  • Learn about how lyrics are written for songs.
  • Find out more about lyrics by Billie Eilish, The Noisettes and Dave.